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Product Highlight 🌿

So, little bit of back story from me, the SMM. I am an advocate & lover of ALL things Cannabis related, but surprisingly to most, I am not an avid consumer, only dabbling lightly in CBD products. (I'm still trying to find what works for me THC wise after years of not consuming)

Our store recently got these ReLeaf Ratio Capsules and I knew I needed to try them ASAP. Well ladies & gentlemen, I did, and I'm HOOKED.

So far I've tried just the 2mg THC + 10mg CBD capsules and it really helps me get a better night's sleep and ease the extensive body pain I suffer with. As a consumer, I did more research to see what ReLeaf Ratios was all about as a company, and I'm impressed.

These Capsules are;

🔸️Plant Based

🔸️Gluten Free

🔸️Low in Saturated Fats

🔸️Sugar Free

Talk about health conscious!

Definitely makes this mama feel good!

We currently have the three Capsules pictured, in an experience based tier.

The 2mg THC + 10mg CBD would be for those new or sensitive to cannabis, good for people like myself 🙌

The 5mg THC would be for those with who have a small, established tolerance for THC/CBD ⭐⭐

The 10mg THC + 50mg CBD would be for those we have a high tolerance for THC/CBD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Come try ReLeaf Ratios here @Strawberryfieldsapothecary

To learn more about their products & more go to

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